Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Salute to my Grandchildren

Grandchildren are God's way of compensating us for growing old. 
 ~Mary H. Waldrip

On October 10, 2009, I took this picture of Kelsey, my youngest grandchild. She was preparing to go to her homecoming dance.  It was a nostalgic shock for me because I knew then that I had no more grand babies.

No more grandma scary ghost stories until Katelyne cried;
no more babysitting, giving them candy, gum, and cookies, and keeping them up beyond bedtime;
no more, "Grandma, make some macaroni and cheese;"
no more, "Grandma, you're crazy;"
no more fashion shows with new clothes for school;
no more, "Grandma, I having a heat stroke," when they were tired of museum trips;
no more, "Grandma, I didn't break it, the floor broke it.;"
no more holding their hands when we cross the street;
no more loud laughs at ridiculous jokes;
no more Judge Judy plays;
they are now grown.

So what's a grandma to do?  I want to thank my grandchildren for some wonderful, playful days.  I want to thank them for being such disciplined athletes and scholars, yet keeping the ability to have fun and enjoy life.  I want to thank them for keeping me young in heart. I wish them health and happiness.  I want them to keep their  joie de vivre.  I know, it's getting sappy, but trust me, I'm feeling very old right now, yet happy to see what wonderful human beings they are.

So, please allow Grandma Moody to showcase them for a few moments.

The first grandchild, Charles, III

In 2007, Charles received his bachelor's degree from Morehouse College, and is a master's candidate at the University of Georgia and then plans to continue towards his Ph.D.  He likes to tease the girls that he is my favorite grandson.  Of course, he is.

Karia as a youngster

Today, Karia is an aspiring actress and singer.  She was an intern on a production this summer and has also attended Yale's Summer Drama Program. She sang at our 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration.

Karia received her bachelor's, with honors,  from Spelman College in 2009.  She is pictured here with her proud parents, Karla and C. David Moody, Jr.  They live in the Atlanta area.

Karia at Kourtney's graduation

Grandma with Kelsey, Kourtney, and Katelyne


Kourtney, with her parents, Kimberly and Corey, was named one of the top ten student-athletes of Nevada in 2008.  She was the top female athlete in Las Vegas and graduated high school with a 4.5 gpa.  She is on the track team at Michigan.  Go Blue!

Prom 2008


Katelyne and Yul
Prom 2009
She graduated high school with honors and is a freshman at Purdue University.
Many say that she is just a younger version of me.

Katelyne is an outstanding soccer player

Kelsey, Kim, Katelyne, Kourtney, and Corey

Kelsey and Katelyne perform at our 50th Anniversary

Who's your Uncle?  Uncle Cameron has no children but loves his nieces and nephew.


Kelsey and Malcolm, ready for Homecoming 2009

Thank You,
Grandma Moody


  1. You go ahead and take all the bragging rights you want! These are wonderful grandchildren. I love this tribute. Looks like somebody had a "K" thing going (Kelsey, Katelyn, Kim, Kourtney, Karia). My mom did the same thing. Her name is Carol and she named her daughters Carolyn, Kristin and Kathryn. When she would chastise one of us, she would stammer a lot of ka, ka, ka sounds before she would get the right child's name (it was usually me who was misbehaving).

    Christella - (copy of response to your comment on my blog) I can thank my mother for hanging on to the bike. She bought a base that converted it into an exer-cycle, but she only used it for a brief period. The rest of the years, it just sat collecting dust in her basement. A few years ago, I asked if I could have it and all I had to do was buy new tires and it was ready to go. As for the safety issue on this trail - it makes me sad, but unfortunately, I do a lot of activities alone. Not many of my friends like to exercise as vigorously as I do, or for as long. My kids worry a little about how I take off alone on snowshoes up behind my cabin, but that's just the nature of my life at this stage - I'm singularly unaccompanied (for the most part).

  2. you have an absolutely gorgeous family and are one lucky grandma!

  3. Kasscho, just be careful out there. Not only are the granddaughters "k" the daughters-in-law are also "K".

  4. Thanks, Speaking from the Crib. I feel blessed.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your grandchildren! Now that they are older, you can continue to telling them stories of how things used to be. I always enjoy hearing stories from my mother, and I wish my grandmother were still around to tell me hers. If they're smart, they'll write it all down and/or pass the stories down to their children.