Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back to the Past - 1980

Thanks again for all of your good wishes.  I return to the doctor on the 17th but wanted to do just a short posting.

The '80s and '90s are going to jumbled because I lost my momentum with the eye problem.   I think it was the end of the '70s and beginning of the '80s when I left off.

For us, the most memorable event of 1980 was the celebration of our 25th Wedding Anniversary, a snowy day in March.

We awoke the day before the celebration at 6:30 a.m.  The weatherman forecast 1-2 inches of snow.  I began to panic as I looked out the window and saw the snow flurries softly covering the street.  My sister, Ruby, called from Chicago and said it looked bad there, also.

We arose and began our preparations and trips to the bakery, rental agency, florist, airport, train station, and bus depot.  The snow continued and blizzard conditions were obvious.  We had many tasks to complete and the snow had already reached three inches.

My nerves were frazzled as we heard the travel advisory.  When we returned from the bakery at noon, the prediction was seven inches and visibility was down to 30 feet.  My tears began as I realized the impossibility of it all.  What a disaster we faced.

There was no way our relatives could get through from Chicago and Louisiana and the people in town were snowbound.  I began to worry about having dead relatives and friends all over the highway because they were trying to make it to Ann Arbor. I was inconsolable at that thought.

Suddenly, I heard a grinding in the driveway.  I looked out and our son was stuck.  We finally dug him out while the phone rang continuously.  Prayers were being offered for the snow to stop.

My friend, Barbara, called to see if we were canceling the rehearsal.  I hesitated and suggested that we wait.  One son finally arrived from the airport with guests, another son left to pick up guests from the train station and someone else picked up relatives at the bus station.  Several relatives called at 3:30 p.m. alerting us that they were at Exit 52 on I-94 and should arrive in Ann Arbor in two hours.  I knew then that everything would be OK.  Let's get it on, Barbara.

Our prayers were answered as the snow stopped in the early evening with close to 10 inches of snow.  We skidded all the way to the church.  The organist, soloist, best man, and a couple of ushers and attendants were still trying to make it, but I no longer worried.

Someone found a snow removal service to help up get to the rehearsal dinner which was a beautiful affair.  Back home and then another trip to the airport to pick up our son, Corey, at 10:00 p.m.

The next day, Sunday, the sun glistened on the silent snow. When we arrived at the church for the Renewal of Vows, over 200 guests had made it through that dangerous storm.

The Anniversary Party

By the time we made it to the Open House at our home, the snow was melting at a furious rate.  The elegant buffet would not go to waste.

I never felt closer to friends and family.


  1. SO GOOD to hear from you again! I hope that means you are much better.

    I can tell that you and your husband are just wonderful people. Two hundred people got out in such treacherous weather just to wish you well and congratulate you. That's amazing love.

    Twenty-five years is how long my marriage lasted. I'm glad yours is still going strong. Take care of yourself and keep us informed. We care about you.

  2. So good to see another post from you. I congratulate you for making it to 25 - AND BEYOND! Take it easy and don't feel compelled to blog too much if it bothers your eyes.

  3. Mrs. Moody,
    Do well at your appointment on the 17th. Your visit will be very positive for you.
    The early 80s is when I was introduced to your family by David in a special way. I just wanted to say as a final word ....thank you for your blog, and the opportunity for me to apologize to you about the family r_ _ _. This is where I get off the blog...Enjoy the journey.

    You have inspired me in so many ways. Abundant Blessings,

    Deborah Bell (Howard Univ, Class of 1983)

  4. It's great to hear from you! I really missed your posts, as they are always so inspiring. I am glad you are doing better!

    Best wishes,

  5. I never made it to "25". Twenty-three was as far as I got. I envy you.

  6. Great to hear from you! And of course, another good post! So glad you didn't have to cancel the banquet. Now you have one great memory! The snow just made it that more memorable! That first picture is gorgeous!

    I really hope your eyes are improving...I'm thinking of you.

    Happy Holidays! :)

  7. You may have lost your momentum, but not your vision. You look radiant in the photo. Happy new year to you and your beautiful family.