Sunday, August 30, 2009

How Will You Be Eulogized?

The death of Senator Kennedy left me thinking about how I would be eulogized.  Even though I have told family members I don't want a funeral, there will be discussions about what type of life I led.  There were some who remarked that not enough was said about the bad things in Kennedy's life and that should have also been stated.

Do we want the focus to be on the bad things, which we all have, do we want them to remember only the good things, or is this the time for balance?  The dictionary defines eulogy as a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something very highly, especially a tribute to someone who has recently died.

The totality of our life will be judged by someone else, not the people who hear or speak the eulogy.  I only hope that when I die, people remember that I helped people more than they remember the people I hurt.  I hope they say that I was a good mother, not an absent mother.  I hope they say that she taught many children how to learn not that she failed some.   I hope they say she was a pleasant, friendly person, not a vixen.  I hope they remember that, in spite of all of my failings,  I did my best.


  1. I agree with you on what I hope people will say about me someday. I don't think we need to look at the bad things at a time like that. The family of the deceased doesn't need it either.

    I love reading your posts. You certainly had an interesting youth. I'm so glad I found your blogs.

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  3. Thanks, Janie. I appreciate your stopping by.

  4. Grandma,

    I'm not sure exactly how blogspot works actually. but i really enjoyed reading about your childhood and youthful days. Not like your not still youthful. lol some of these stories i've heard many times before. others were new to me! but please keep writing. i like reading.