Friday, August 28, 2009


As summer ends, we reflect on the exuberance of summer.  The summertime of life is bright, hot, and exhilarating.  We think it is going to last forever and the Fall time of life is distant in the future.
  • We wear skimpy clothes that expose our bodies.
  • We swim in the ocean with full abandon.
  • We think our summer romances will last forever.
  • We read the books we want to read, not the books on the required list.
  • We attempt to savor every ride in Disneyland.
  • We vacation to exotic places and welcome cultural exchanges.
  • Tree leaves are bright and green, flowers are in full bloom, and fruits are juicy and succulent.
  • We are at our peak:  vibrant, strong, healthy, and so we think, wise.

Soon, the first whispers of fall are heard.
  • Night temperatures drop 
  • A sense of urgency develops
  • Wardrobe needs are assessed
  • Final picnics are planned
  • Leaves begin to change colors
  • School reopens
The Fall of life begins.

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